[rt-users] User's Owned Tickets show incorrect URL string for subject

Josh Barron joshb at netcentralinc.com
Mon Jul 3 13:20:30 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Not sure where to take this one.  Tried a couple google searches but the
problem is pretty generic to describe and thus difficult to get relevant

Here is my problem.  When doing a search for tickets you own, or on the
RT at a glance page, if you mouse over or try to click on the
hyperlinked ticket subject you get the following URL:
http://ticket/Display.html?id=2.  Obviously that URL isn't going to
work.  If you click on the ticket number or check on the "10 newest
unowned tickets" section, the hyperlink is correct and takes you to the

I've checked my RT_SiteConfig.pm file and it appears to be correct.
Everything else seems to work except that, and obviously its causing
quite a stir for my users since they click on their ticket and firefox
tries to auto resolve the domain taking them to a concert ticket website

Any help is appreciated.  I can post logs, configs, whatever is needed.


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