[rt-users] How to setup RT users and groups?

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Jul 3 14:16:18 EDT 2006


	Yes. I misunderstood your situation and you're correct, If one ticket 
is available to a group, all tickets are. Different Queues for different 
types of tickets will allow you to do what you want. We use that method 
here as well. We have several Queues to handle different types (groups) 
of tickets within an overall support area and different access rights 
per group per queue.


Gilmar Santos Jr wrote:
> Hi, Kenn.
> Maybe I didn't make myself clear... It's possible to setup different
> access rights within the same queue for different groups, like group A
> can take, group B can comment, etc. But I was talking about, for
> example, the "ShowTicket" permission. Can I set up RT to show some
> tickets to a group and not to other group within the same queue? The
> "ShowTicket" permission applies to all tickets in the queue, and not for
> groups of tickets. That's why I suggested creating one queue for each
> group :-)
> --
> Gilmar Santos Jr
> Kenneth Crocker escreveu:
>> Gilmar,
>>     You said, "I think it's not possible to make this kind of access
>> control within the same queue... Am I mistaken?". If I understood your
>> question correctly, the answer is "Yes", you could set up different
>> access rights for any number of groups you want to access the Queue.
>> We have a variety of Queues and groups where 1 Queue may have several
>> groups with different types of access as well as many groups that have
>> different types of access to several different Queues. It's all in the
>> way you configure your Queues.
>> Kenn
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