[rt-users] The 'comp' parameter (undef) to HTML::Mason::Request::CGI->new() ...

Christian Hammers ch at westend.com
Thu Jul 6 08:01:21 EDT 2006


After installing RT on a Debian Sarge Linux system I get the following
error in the apache2 error file when accessing the web page:

[Thu Jul  6 11:12:23 2006] [crit]: The 'comp' parameter (undef) to
HTML::Mason::Request::CGI->new() was an 'undef', which is not one of the
allowed types: scalar object

  [-e:0] (/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/libexec/webmux.pl:125)

This says absolutely nothing to me. I tried the installation by porting
the RT 3.5 Debian packages to the latest RT 3.6.0 source code. A
previously run "make fixdeps" reports no problems. I have RT running
in version 3.4 on another server and it has never made such problems

Any ideas?



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