[rt-users] RT-3.6.0 create ticket logout

Timothy Smith tsmith at loc.gov
Thu Jul 6 09:45:55 EDT 2006

I'm experiencing this at my site; I'm assuming it's a hostname configuration problem caused by the redirect to Display.html. Make sure that the hostname you're using to access RT is exactly the same as the hostname RT and Apache expect -- i.e. if RT's WebURL is http://foobar.baz.org but users are accessing it internally as http://foobar, logging in will set a cookie for foobar but not for foobar.baz.org. When RT redirects to the formal address after creating a ticket, the browser won't be able to find the login cookie for the different hostname.
Workaround (not yet tested): Make Apache redirect all requests to foobar to foobar.baz.org.

Speculatingly yours,
Tim Smith

>>> Zhiming Liu <liuzmus at yahoo.com> 07/05/06 1:11 PM >>>
Hi, Is anyone see the same problem on RT-3.6.0? Every
time when root user create a new ticket, after click
on [Create] button, he get logout page: 
[New Create In] -> [Create] -> logout page displayed
-> login again -> new ticket just create display.

Thanks, Zhiming.

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