[rt-users] Slow loading unless I alias /NoAuth/js and /NoAuth/css

Niels Huylebroeck niels at bubbles-it.be
Fri Jul 7 08:36:23 EDT 2006

My pages on this 3.6.0 installation load really slow compared to older
(3.4.x) installations.

I noticed that if I Alias those NoAuth directories loading goes a lot
faster as CSS and JS
files are not being parsed by my FastCGI interpreter.

Now I thought I was out of the woods, but turns out some of the CSS and
JS uses the mason (?) parser.
So what happens is some elements of the UI are broken. It's not that
dramatic but I fear it has impact on
certain functionality. (haven't found any case yet but haven't tested

Is there any other way to optimize the speed at which pages load?
I noticed most of the delay in loading a pages comes from loading
multiple documents (which are linked in the html)
and parsing each of those pages and encrypting them (SSL) takes a lot of

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