[rt-users] Bug in search for merged ticket!

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Mon Jul 10 10:21:51 EDT 2006


I want to refine my bug report. The problem occurs in the search bar in
the upper right.
If I modify the ticket id in the url or send an email to the source
id it works.
But if I search for the source id in web frontend, I get no result.

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 18:01 +0200, Sven Sternberger wrote:
> I get no result when I search for source ticket ids which are merged.
> I can search for the destination ticket id, and I see the 
> merge transaction with the source id. But when I look for this
> id I get no result. I finaly tried in the search box
> fulltext:source_id and this works but is very slow!



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