[rt-users] Ticket history in ticket resolved message

Marie Gellbäck marie.gellback at jadestone.se
Tue Jul 11 03:52:26 EDT 2006



I’m using RT 3.4. 

I would like to include the initial ticket question in the message that is
sent to the requestor when his ticket has been resolved. The problem is that
I don’t want to use an OnResolved template because that would generate two
emails to the requestor (template message + resolve message). So what I want
to do is to add $Ticket->Transactions->First->Content() to the message area
on the Update.html page. But the message area is included
(Elements/MessageBox) so if I add the ticket history text to the MessageBox
all message boxes will display the ticket history. 

There is an argument, UpdateContent, defined in Update.html that is passed
on to the MessageBox, does anyone know if/how I can add my ticket history
text to that argument?


I have searched the wiki and the mailing list but I can’t find any similar
problems, but maybe I’m looking for a bad solution. Any tips or hints in the
correct direction would be appreciated.


Best regards


Marie Gellbäck



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