[rt-users] Any resolution on apache2/mod_perl2 "Out of Memory!" error on GenToo?

Donovan Young dyoung-rtusers at techsafari.com
Thu Jul 13 00:10:12 EDT 2006

Nope... at least not that I've seen.  

It seems that no one "in the know" cares enough about GenToo to help find a
solution (not a poke at anyone, just my perception based upon the lack of
any response to this thread).  I tried everything I could think of to no

I ended up building a small fedora Core 5 box just to run the RT3 front-end.
I still have the MySQL DB running on the GenToo server in the hopes that a
front-end fix will be found someday.

Donovan Young

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error on GenToo?

Did anyone get anywhere with this?

Think I have the same problem.

On Thursday 20 April 2006 14:48, dyoung-rtusers at techsafari.com wrote:
> Please accept my apologies if this particular dead horse has been
> sufficiently beaten, but I'm new to this list and I've already searched
> through Google as well as the mailing list archives to no avail.
> I'm running:
>       rt-3.4.5
>       apache-2.0.55-r1
>       mod_perl-2.0.1-r2
> 	gentoo-sources-2.6.15-r1
> 	mysql-5.0.19-r1 (was using mysql-4, but found something during my
> searches that suggested upgrading mysql.  No apparent effect)
>        (I'm not sure what other info would be helpful, please let me know
> and I'll be happy to supply)
> I was wondering (read: hoping) if this list had already discovered a fix
> workaround to the "Out of Memory!  Callback called exit" error seen in the
> Apache2 error_log when attempting to perform a Ticket Search from within
> the RT website.  If so, could someone point me in the proper direction
> (URL, email, carrier pigeon)?
> Thanks in advance!
> Donovan
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