[rt-users] Scrip optimization to improve speed

Rick Russell rickr at rice.edu
Thu Jul 13 09:51:07 EDT 2006

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Hi everybody. This question can probably only be answered by a true RT
guru. So, step up and prove yourself! I dare you!

We've got an RT 3.4.5 install (probably to move to 3.6 soon) that is
getting slower and slower for any transaction that involves lots of scrips.

Creating tickets, posting replies, and changing owners are the most
common things that cause a big slow down.

I did a late-night test and turned off all the scrips that go off on a
ticket create, and lo and behold, the time to create a ticket dropped by
about 30%. Not huge, but a noticeable improvement.

So, my question is this. Let's say I have a lot of scrips that use the
same action ("Notify AdminCCs as Comment", for example) and the same
Template, but different Conditions ("On Create", "On Queue Change", some
custom conditions, etc).

Would the speed improve if I consolidated all of the individual
conditions into a single custom super-condition? E.g., replace all the
scrips that use the same action and template into a since big scrip?

Rick R.

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