[rt-users] Documentation bug: %Tickets in Templates

Drew Taylor DTaylor at cidc.com
Fri Jul 14 18:08:37 EDT 2006

On the Wiki page ManualApprovals, when talking about the %Tickets hash
it neglects to mention that the template id (===Create-Ticket: myid)
will actually be "create-myid" for Created tickets, "update-myid" for
Update-Ticket, etc as opposed to just "myid". This is in RT 3.6.0. Is
this a new behavior or has no-one actually used this functionality?
Neither the RT book nor any wiki pages mention this little catch. :-)

Once I changed my Template to use $Tickets{'create-application'}
everything worked fine. In our case, we have a deep hierarchy of
approvals. Master ticket is created, which creates subtickets based on
Custom Fields. Then those subtickets need to be approved. This workflow
is from the Workflow wiki page, and it looks like it will serve us well.
I wish though that I could avoid creating a whole series of "On XXX"
conditions though... We have 15 conditions I have to check ATM. 

For the record, this is the working template:

===Create-Ticket: application
Subject: Setup Bugzilla account
Parents: TOP
Queue:   User Change
Owner:   dtaylor
A user needs an application account setup. 
Please see the parent ticket for details.
===Create-Ticket: approval
Subject:        Approval needed for Bugzilla account
Type:           approval
Depended-On-By: { $Tickets{'create-application'}->Id }
Queue:          ___Approvals
Owner:          dtaylor
A bugzilla ticket has been submitted. You should review and approve it,
so they can finish their work. See the Master ({ $RT::WebURL
}Ticket/Display?id={ $Tickets{'TOP'}->Id }) and Application ({
$RT::WebURL }Ticket/Display?id={ $Tickets{'create-application'}->Id })
tickets for more information.

Thank you.


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