[rt-users] RT LDAP with OpenLdap and Exchange 5.5

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at cel.ie
Mon Jul 17 12:16:26 EDT 2006

Hi RT Users,
I've successfully set up RT to authenticate users against an OpenLDAP 
Server (also used for Samba). We also have and Exchange 5.5 server on 
site that contains infotmation about users etc..
While i want to use OpenLDAP to authenticate against, i would like to 
pull user information from the Exchange 5.5 server.
I'm just  cant get the user info part working. I'm not really sure what 
settings i should have in RT_SiteConfig.pm for Exchange 5.5 for the 
following paramenters :
This is what i have at the moment.

Set($LdapAttrMap, {'Name' => 'uid',
                   'EmailAddress' => 'mail',
                   'Organization' => 'dc',
                   'RealName' => 'displayName',
                   'ExternalContactInfoId' => 'dn',
                   'ExternalAuthId' => 'uid',
                   'Gecos' => 'gecos',
                   'WorkPhone' => 'telephoneNumber',
                   'Address1' => 'ou',
                   'Address2' => 'physicalDeliveryOfficeName'}

Set($LdapInfoServer, 'pdc.cel');
Set($LdapInfoBase, 'ou=CEL,o=CEL');
Set($LdapInfoFilter, "(objectclass=*)");

Has anyone else had any luck pulling info from Exchange 5.5.

Ian Clancy
IT Co-ordinator
Connaught Electronics Ltd.
Dunmore Rd,
Co. Galway,

P : ++353 93 23151
F : ++353 93 23110
E : mailto:clancyian at cel.ie
W : http://www.cel-europe.com

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