[rt-users] Hide email quoted text

Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Mon Jul 17 14:11:06 EDT 2006

You will either end up with redundant data or complaining users.  If you
beat your users over the head with the policy to remove previous text
when replying, they won't do it about 10% of the time.  If instead you
try to automate removal of quoted text, you get people like me
complaining that you can't do inline replies, such as:

> Where should this go?
We can put it on box01.corp.

> Do we need a backup instance?
No, this is unimportant data.

> I'd like to see this done by tomorrow, and if that isn't possible, the
next day at the latest.
You're insane!  You'll be lucky to get this in two weeks.

If you only ever use the email interface and not the web interface, and
didn't save the email you sent, when you get the reply, it might not
make sense without the context of the quoted text.  Then there is also
the trickiness of people who reply (like I just did) and have the
feature to quote previous text turned off.

Eric Schultz
United Online

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John Lau wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem that the client always reply email when quoted text.
> But the quoted text is actually stored in the ticket so that it is
> duplicated. Is there any settings/functions to hide those quoted text,
> like gmail does? It would be a useful feature I think.

Hi John.

I agree with you concerning the duplicate text.  I have tried
encouraging the users to properly trim email (not only to RT but to
everyone) but most just hit the "reply" button and start typing.

One solution that I have been considering is having the quoted text
pulled out of the email before delivery to RT.  I can do that via a
simple procmail script.   Perhaps that might be one way of doing what
you are trying to accomplish without having to do any customizations to
your RT installation.


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