[rt-users] RT 3.6 and Firefox and Expires Header

Rolf Schaufelberger rs at plusw.de
Wed Jul 19 04:58:43 EDT 2006


I've just  installed rt3.6  and saw a lot of requests done by Firefox. Looking 
a bit deeper  at it I saw, that it was fetching all the .css, .js and images 
all the time. Looking at the cache I saw, the 'Expires' date was set on 
1970-... . So I changed my autohandler in NoAuth/css to 

use HTTP::Date;
$r->header_out('Expires', HTTP::Date::time2str (time + 180 * 24*3600 ));

and in NoAuth/js accordingly and now Firefox renders the pages  much faster !
Maybe this helps somebody else.


Rolf Schaufelberger 
rs at plusw.de

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