[rt-users] Searching by CurrentUser with QueryBuilder

Ole Craig ocraig at stillsecure.com
Wed Jul 19 12:50:06 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-11 at 10:13 -0400, Drew Taylor wrote:
> Thanks! That did the trick.
> > I have a fresh 3.6.0 installation we're customizing. We'd like to 
> > create a saved search that searches for "Owner = '$RT::CurrentUser'" 
> > (as opposed to a static username like "Owner = 'drew'"), but this 
> > particular syntax doesn't work. Is this possible? If not, where would 
> > I start to add this feature - we'd REALLY like to have it. :-)
> > 
> Try: Owner = '__CurrentUser__'

I just created a test search under 3.6.0, and it doesn't seem to be
giving me joy. Am I missing something here? The only search term is

Owner = '__CurrentUser__'

and I get zero results.

(I own 20+ open tickets at the moment.)

This system was upgraded from 3.6.0rc0 through pre1/pre2/pre3 before
getting to the release version (I was impatient :-) so I suppose
something may have gotten bollixed during one of the upgrades... any
ideas where I should be checking?

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