[rt-users] Spam on the Wiki

Gilmar Santos Jr gilmarsantosjr at safernet.org.br
Wed Jul 19 20:29:10 EDT 2006

Benji Wakely escreveu:
>> It has been mentioned before but is there a way  to get rid of the spam
>> on the Wiki?
> Don't know how it'll fly, but:
> Semi-public login, posted to the mailing lists regularly?
> Word-verification/captcha?

I take care of a few wiki sites and this problem was relatively solved
by requiring login to edit. In the register process the user writes a
comment about why she/he wants to register and a confirm mail is sent to
the supplied address. The registration is complete when  this mail is
replyed or the code sent is inputed in a particular web form. A notice
is generated and sent to the administrator, that can remove the account
if it's the case.
This way we are fairly safe from robots, and incidents with bad users
are very rare...
Btw, I use TWiki (http://twiki.org/), a very robust, flexible and
extensible wiki.

Gilmar Santos Jr

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