[rt-users] Question about LdapOverlay and Windows Active Directory

Dario Luis Coneglian Oliveros oliveros at cpqd.com.br
Thu Jul 20 14:13:13 EDT 2006

Hi Helmuth,
That's the one I looked at, but even though I could not get it working. 
Whenever I try to login, I got the following error:
RT::User::IsLDAPPassword search for 
(&(sAMAccountName=oliveros)(objectclass=posixAccount)) failed: 
LDAP_REFERRAL 10 (/l/disk0/tools/rt/local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm:177
I am not sure whether it's just a configuration problem or not.
Do you happen to know what this error means ?
FYI the only step I did not follow in the "New Installs" section of 
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/?LDAP was #4, which is optional.

Helmuth Ramirez wrote:

>There were two ways of doing it in the Wiki...one I failed miserably with, the one that worked for me was this one:
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>Subject: [rt-users] Question about LdapOverlay and Windows Active Directory
>Hi there,
>Has anyone gotten the LdapOverlay working with Windows Active Directory ?
>Basically I would like to authenticate user against Windows AD without 
>doing it thru Apache.
>I followed the steps in the section LDAP at RT Wiki, but couldn't get it 
>working yet.
>Any tips, suggestions or working samples will be appreciated.
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