[rt-users] wrong statistics due to wrong "Closed:" date after upgrade from rt1 -> rt3

Jodok Ole Muellers rt3-jolemuel at eu.uu.net
Fri Jul 21 09:18:42 EDT 2006

Hello List,

I successfuly upgraded my rt1 to rt2 and then to 3.4.5
I now want to generate some statistics and therefore had
a look at RTx-Statistics-0.1.8.tar.gz and rt3-batch-stats-0.1.tar.gz

RTx-Statistics hangs my rt3 because all tickets got the date when 
the upgrade was done as closed date, therefore it is
trying to generate statistics for about 52.000 tickets for this month !!!

rt3-batch-stats-0.1 does not hang but still reports 
all tickets that got migrated as closed this month.

I had a look at the metadata of one ticket for example:

  Created:        Fri Aug 13 16:24:18 2004
  Starts:         Not set
  Started:        Not set
  Last Contact:   Not set
  Due:            Not set
  Closed:         Sat Jul 08 10:52:30 2006
  Updated:        Tue Aug 17 14:32:53 2004 by RT_System

  Tue Aug 17 14:33:07 2004        someuserid - Status changed from 'open' to 'resoved'

As you can see the last timestamp in the ticket log is correct but
the "Closed:" date is set to the date the migration was done.

I now woul like to "repair" my rt3 database by doing something like in this pseudo code:
  if  Closed_date > Updated_date Closed_date = Updated_date 

Or even better 

    if  Closed_date > last_transaction_date Closed_date = last_transaction_date 

1) has sombody have had the same problems ?
2) is there already a solution (script) for this problem
3) has somebody an idea how to fix that directly in sql like described above ?
   What are the correct table & column names for "Closed:", "Updated:" and date of the last transaction ?

best regards, Jodok

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