[rt-users] 3.6 continual re-login issue [A Fix!]

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 25 10:14:47 EDT 2006

At Monday 7/24/2006 05:24 PM, Jesse Vincent wrote:
>Steve, Don,
>Can the two of you give 3.6.1rc1 a shot and see if it solves the
>problem for you?

Hi Jesse,

I'd love to try, but unfortunately I'm not able to do that in the 
near future. For us the problem only occurs in the production 
environment (Solaris), and it will take some time to arrange to get a 
second RT instance up there. Strangely, on our test/dev machine 
(RHEL), where I can install 3.6, the system works flawlessly.

Would it be possible for you to describe the fix? Is it feasible to 
apply it to the 3.4 series?


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