[rt-users] priviledge user : one query

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Jul 25 14:22:58 EDT 2006


	Correct. I misread Prasad's note. I thought he didn't want anyone to 
see all the tickets in a Queue (like seeing the subject of all tickets 
in a Queue "list"). If I'd read the note more carefully, I would have 
realised that. My bad. Certainly, a Queue can be set up to allow only 
Requestors to see & modify their own tickets. We have a similar set up 
only we keep the "CreateTicket", "ReplyToTicket", & "SeeQueue" rights 
limited to Privileged only and "ModifyTicket", "DeleteTicket", 
"ShowTicketComments", "CommentOnTicket", "TakeTicket", etc. to Owners 
(our technical support staff) and "ShowTicket" and "Watch" for Requestors.


Schultz, Eric wrote:
>> Prasad,
>> 	I may be wrong (and that is OK with me) but I do not 
>> believe you can 
>> give someone the ability to just see just a single ticket in 
>> a Queue. I 
>> believe it is "all or nothing at all". The privilege should be titled 
>> "ShowTickets" instead of "ShowTicket".
>> Kenn
>> Prasad Deshpande wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I have created a privilege user in RT (Ver 3.2.3) so that users can 
>>> create the ticket through web interface. But my problem is 
>> they are able 
>>> to see other tickets in the same queue as well.  I want 
>> user to see only 
>>> the tickets which they have created and should able to create the 
>>> tickets in a queue with access to select the custom fields.
>>> I have tried by deselecting "Let this user be granted 
>> rights" option, 
>>> but with this custom fields are not available to the users while 
>>> creating the tickets.
> Actually, this is possible.  For the interested queue, go to the Group
> Rights configuration.  From there, give Everyone the right to
> ReplyToTicket and CreateTicket.  Then, for the Requestor group, give
> them ModifyTicket and ShowTicket.  This way, requestors can only see
> what they have requested, and nothing else.  But anyone can create or
> reply to tickets via email.  We have this configuration working
> correctly.  Also, if you want to allow Everyone to see the queue in the
> "New ticket in" drop-down, grant SeeQueue.  This is all on a 3.4.x
> setup.
> Eric Schultz
> United Online

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