[rt-users] EditCustomFieldsOnUpdate does not work anymore

Jason A. Diegmueller doogles at doogles.com
Wed Jul 26 07:01:43 EDT 2006

JP, Todd, rt-users--

Yes, this works for us as well.

Perhaps this is an unintended side effect (or perhaps it's by design), but 
the only problem I've found with this approach is that Custom Field 
changes don't get mentioned at the top.  I get "Message recorded" or 
"Status changed to xxx", but I don't see the CF changes even though they 
are made.

For the time being, I can deal with not getting confirmation of CF changes 
as long as they are actually made, and with the Callback change made 
below (combined with the move of the Callback) they do.  And for that, I 
thank you both.


On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:

> On Tuesday, July 25, 2006 9:12 PM Todd Chapman wrote:
>> I updated the
>> rt/local/html/Callbacks/CustomFields/Ticket/Display.html/BeforeDisplay
>> on the wiki.
> I am not sure this will work. ProcessObjectCustomFieldUpdates seems to return an array with an empty element even if it did not change anything. The following if therefore always redirects to Display.html causing a loop. This is very reproducable here with Perl 5.8.7 on FreeBSD. What did help was this:
> <%init>
> my $ARGSRef = $ARGS{'ARGSRef'};
> if ($$ARGSRef{'id'} ne 'new'){
>        my $Ticket = LoadTicket($$ARGSRef{'id'});
>        my @cf_results = ProcessObjectCustomFieldUpdates(ARGSRef => $ARGSRef);
>        delete $cf_results[0] if ((scalar(@cf_results) == 1) && ($cf_results[0] eq ''));
>        push @{$ARGS{Actions}}, @cf_results;
> }
> </%init>
> With this change everything works like a charm here (of course after putting the Callback in front of the if in Display.html which should be noted in the wiki as well btw. What is
> <%args>
> $Actions => []
> </%args>
> doing exactly? Things work without it as well. Moreover: Will someone talk/write to Jesse about the change in Display.html? This should be patched into rt.
> Kind regards,
>  JP
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