[rt-users] Populate custom field A with the selection I made in custom field B

Helmuth Ramirez HelmuthRamirez at compupay.com
Wed Jul 26 09:23:37 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,
  We are currently evaluating RT to replace our current (crappy)
ticketing system.  So far everyone has good things to say about it :) .
Our Helpdesk Manager asked me to post this up and see if anyone had any
input on it.

Many thanks in advance!

<helpdesk manager>
I want to know if there is a way that I can assign / save the value of
the category field (in the cascading field) to another custom field when
an item is chosen.

Here is the scenario in RT3.6:

I have two custom fields:

Type (which is a "select one value" type)
            Sort      Name                            Description
            10         Help Request
            20         Work Request

SubType (which is "select one value" type with category column filled
in, "cascading")
            Sort      Name                            Description
            10         E-mail
Help Request
            20         Internet
Help Request
            30         New Hire
Work Request
            40         Termination
Work Request

So, what I would like to do is to set "Type" to be Read-Only and when I
choose a "SubType", to use the "Category" value to fill in "Type".  This
can be done once the ticket is saved.  I'm not looking for it to change
"on the fly".
The problem I have with it now is that you can choose Type:Work Request
for example and then choose SubType:E-mail (Category:Help Request).
This of course will influence when I run reports on # of Work Request, #
of Help Requests and others.
As well as not be true to the classification of the ticket.
</ helpdesk manager>
Helmuth Ramirez 
IT Department 
3450 Lakeside Dr. Suite 400 
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