[rt-users] repeating email request...

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Jul 26 16:58:48 EDT 2006


	If the RT ticket number is different each time it repeats, then we just 
had the same problem this morning. Our mailgate and mailserver, et al 
were fine. Our problem had to do with the way a person responds to the 
E_mail. We instruct our users to be sure that the RT ticket number is 
referenced in the subject line so replies to an RT E_mail has a 
reference to the existing ticket and won't try to create a new one. We 
also tell them that if they are gonna respond "reply all" with RT in the 
"CC" or "To" fields, that RT will create another ticket. We are also 
thinking that if a person responding DID have the RT Ticket number in 
the E_mail subject line, but did not have the "ReplyToTicket" authority 
for the Queue where the referenced ticket, that RT will also create 
another ticket. The last reason is still up in the air for us. Anyone?


Rueben wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am using version 3.4.2 of Request Tracker and the system has been running fine for that last 6 months.  2 days ago one of our end-users sent an email request to our helpdesk and it keeps repeating even after we resolved the ticket.  I have has to stop the mta to keep it from sending the email  I have looked through the archives and and have not found any reference to this problem except 1 and it stated to resolve the ticket and it fixed their problem.. I really would like to open my hepdesk back up but I do not have any idea where to start to troubleshoot this problem.  ANY HELP WOULD BE DEEPLY APRECIATED!
> Thanks,
> Rueben
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