[rt-users] Seemingly a bug?

Edward Harvey eharvey at chilsemi.com
Thu Jul 27 14:35:45 EDT 2006

In my RT system (RT 3.4.2 on RHEL 4)
We have several users.  For example, 
	gmartin  has email address gmartin at chilsemi.com
	tcandage has email address tcandage at chilsemi.com 
	and so forth.

For some reason, when I login as root, and try to change the email
address for eharvey, I can't do it.  

If I enter eharvey at chilsemi.com, then I get the response "User eharvey:
Illegal value for EmailAddress"

If I enter anything else, for example, eharveyy at chilsemi.com or
edward.harvey at chilsemi.com, everything works just fine.  It's only the
value "eharvey at chilsemi.com" that's no good.

Any ideas?

Edward Harvey
Phone: 978-640-0011 x238 
Cell: 603-283-6464

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