[rt-users] Migrating 3.6.0 to new hardware

Humberto Junior humberto at nexos.com.br
Fri Jul 28 18:33:00 EDT 2006

I did It last week.

Migrate configuration (RT, apache, perl...), make sure that all conf 
fileas are in correct places
Stop apache (old server)
backup database (old server)
restore database (new server)
do some tests (murphy's law)

Worked fine, the webmin did the backup and the restore in server, here I 
do not use attachament files in tickets, so I dont know if it will broke 
the files (I think no)

In wiki we have more documentation read 
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?MigrateToNewServer it will help.

Humberto Junior
Nexos - Segurança da Informação

Helmuth Ramirez escreveu:
> Hi everyone,
>   We are currently evaluating/piloting RT 3.6.0 on a Debian box.  So far
> it has received a good reception from the techs.  We want to expand our
> pilot to include another group.  I would like to migrate our install to
> a stronger box (still Debian).  Is there anything special I need/should
> know?  
> Many thanks in advance! 
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