[rt-users] Searching by CurrentUser with QueryBuilder

David Smithson dsmithson at activsupport.com
Mon Jul 31 23:37:50 EDT 2006

And I was just about to say that I only found the regexp in ShowSearch:

$SearchArg->{'Query'} =~

I confirmed that you are right.  The saved search *does* work from the
ataglance page.

I was actually trying to do some customization of the Quicksearch doodad
which resulted in lots of trying and nothing doing -- if that makes any
sense.  Clearly I have to put some thought into the context before I go
mucking about.  So, in /Elements/Quicksearch under local, I have this:

<div class="ticket-overview">
<&|/Widgets/TitleBox, title => loc("Quick search"), bodyclass => "",
   titleright => loc("Edit"), titleright_href =>
$RT::WebPath.'/Prefs/Quicksearch.html' &>
<& /Elements/QueueSummary,
   cache => 'quick_search_queues',
   queue_filter => sub { $_->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket') &&
!exists $unwanted->{$_->Name} },
   conditions => [ {cond => "Status = 'new'",  name => loc ('new')  },
                   {cond => "Status = 'open'", name => loc ('open') },
                   {cond => "Status = 'stalled'", name => loc
('stalled') }, 
                   {cond => "Status = 'resolved'", name => loc
('resolved') },
                   {cond => "Owner = '__CurrentUser__'", name => loc
('mine') } ] &>
my $unwanted =
$session{'CurrentUser'}->UserObj->Preferences('QuickSearch', {});

Hah!  If only it were that simple.

David Smithson


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I think the problem is that the replacement of __CurrentUser__
with the user id is done in /Elements/ShowSearch. That is
only used for showing searches on the RT homepage. The link
at the top of the search is to the query builder with the
value replaced. Loading it from saved searches isn't going to

It would be better if the replacement was done in the
TicketSQL parser.


On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 08:17:03PM -0700, David Smithson wrote:
> Hey, why isn't "Owner = '__CurrentUser__'" working for me?  I can't
> figure this one out.  It's pretty simple it seems, but __CurrentUser__
> isn't getting replaced in the query:
> Queue = 'General' AND Owner = '__CurrentUser__'
> What am I missing?
> David Smithson
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