[rt-users] due date in business hours

Judson Main jmain at ssmg.org
Fri Oct 20 20:10:45 EDT 2006

I was talking about the scrip on Bestpractical's wiki site called
"Due Date in Business Hours".

I understand about the Business::Hours mod, and have started
to write a perl script to do what the above scrip is supposed to.
May need your help on that though, as figuring out the math
is a little puzzling.

Thanks much,


 On Fri Oct 20 15:51 , Rick Russell <rickr at rice.edu> sent:

>Judson Main wrote:
>>  Is anyone using this under 3.6.1?
>> I've been noddling with it for a week and can't get it to work.
>I've got custom scrips in RT 3.4 that use Jesse Vincent's 
>Business::Hours module to compute a due date. Is that what you mean?
>Rick R.

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