[rt-users] RTFM/RT version question

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Tue Oct 24 19:34:41 EDT 2006

I'm trying to upgrade from RT 3.4.2/RTFM 2.0.2 
to RT 3.6.1.  Seems I need to upgrade RTFM as well,
so I tried 2.2.0RC4, since the dates seems to be similar.

Kinda works, but not really.  (I'm using the 3.4-retro css
if that matters.)  I never see the content of the articles,
unless I view the history, and there is no box in which
to create content for new articles.

The docs are quite old, no help.

Can someone tell me, is it a version issue,
or maybe I did the upgrade wrong?  (Yes, I realize it's
a Release Candidate :-)  I run multiple RT instances,
so maybe I screwed up the upgrade on that account.

I did run 'migrate-2.0-to-2.1' before running 'make install',
according to the instructions.  I believe that means,
the migrate  script used code from the old RTFM install
when running; don't know if that's relevant.


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