[rt-users] Scrip question

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 9 20:13:25 EDT 2007

To all,

	I have a question that perhaps the longtime users of RT can answer; I 
am planning a series of scrips that will evaluate certain Custom Fields 
(which can only be modified by certain people) and based on that result 
and the current status of the ticket, CHANGE the current status of said 
ticket. This will, in essence, allow me to automate the work-flow of a 
ticket from request to development to QA to Implementeded to Resolved or 
any other stages of status I desire. My question is this,  when a ticket 
is modified does RT evaluate and attempt to execute any and all 
"user-defined" scrips that are applied (by either Queue or Globally) for 
that ticket? Thanks.


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