[rt-users] Scrip question

Karen Nyenhuis karen at digicomp.com
Tue Apr 10 11:39:30 EDT 2007

Have you tried setting the scrip stage to TransactionBatch?   The scrip 
will then get triggered only once after all transactions have been 
generated.  You then have to iterate over all the transactions to look 
for your condition.  There is an example in the RT Essentials book.
> Stephen Turner wrote:
>> > Also, there's a potential trap you can get caught in when updating
>> > ticket fields in scrips - if the update that fires the scrip is
>> > triggered from a ticket update screen, the value that is shown on the
>> > screen when the submit button is pressed can override your scrip update.
>> > For example, if your ticket is open, you make an update to a custom
>> > field, and this triggers a scrip that, in custom code, changes the
>> > status to 'stalled', the sequence of events that take place may set the
>> > ticket back to what it was on the screen (ie open). I haven't found a
>> > way round this one -
> This just bit me today. I have a scrip that changes a custom field on
> owner change. When user gives away a ticket from /Ticket/Modify.html,
> there's also the current value of said custom field selected.
> What happens is that the scrip changes the value of the custom field
> just to have it set back in the next transaction.
> This of course doesn't happen if I change the owner in the
> ModifyPeople.html, but I don't think I am able to educate my users...
> I really hope there is a solution to this that does not involve
> modifying RT. If not, I'll just disable the owner update from
> Modify.html. But that is, to put it mildly, crude.
> Any ideas?
> regards,
> Borut Mrak.

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