AW: [rt-users] CustomField transactions not being created

Gene LeDuc gleduc at
Tue Apr 10 15:49:19 EDT 2007

Hi Torsten,

At 05:10 PM 4/6/2007, Ham MI-ID, Torsten Brumm wrote:
>How do you extract the values into the cf's? Do you use the 
>extractcustomfieldsvalues from dirk pape? If so, check that youi have 
>enabled the record transaction inside the template, this gives you a hint.

That was the hint I needed.  The function I was using wasn't setting the 
RecordTransaction bit, so the transaction was invisible.  I changed the 
function after reviewing the "dirk pape" code and it's working now.


Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University 
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