[rt-users] RT 3.6.3 web interface problems

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 11 19:46:42 EDT 2007

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I've just installed 3.6.3, pointed it to a database that was copied from a 
3.4.5 instance and run the appropriate upgrade script.  On the surface, 
things look OK.  However, I've been noticing some weirdness that is hard 
to diagnose, so I'm hoping someone might suggest how I can investigate 
this further:

1.  I can login OK and view individual tickets by clicking on them from my 
Home page.  But if I enter the ticket number in the little 'Search' box at 
the top, I get the following symptoms:

Opera:  everything just hangs until I click 'Stop' in my browser, at which 
point I can resume my session.

Firefox:  As soon as I click 'Search', I get a Firefox popup saying the 

    hostname.berkeley.edu has sent an incorrect or unexpected message.
    Error Code: -12263

                [ OK ]

where 'hostname.berkeley.edu' represents the URL by which I access RT.

Looking at my rt.log and my apache logs, I see nothing that would appear 
to correspond to these symptoms.  As far as the log files are concerned, 
there was no error.  *Unless* the following represents a problem (line
wrapped by me for readability): HTTP/1.0{X-Forwarded-For} - [11/Apr/2007:15:43:36 -0700]
       "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 2658 "-" "Apache (internal dummy connection)"

I see a few of those at around the time I'm doing the search.

Also, I should say that the database is running on a remote host, to which 
I don't have access.  So, I asked my db guy to reproduce the problem and 
look at what's happening in the db, which he did.  He saw the following 
queries corresponding to the search:

    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM Users WHERE Name = 'RT_System'
    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM Users WHERE Name = 'Nobody'
    3 Query  SELECT  GET_LOCK('Apache-Session-99f30b2b6f94784e6aa196d1d93f050e', 3600)
    3 Query  SELECT  a_session FROM sessions WHERE id = '99f30b2b6f94784e6aa196d1d93f050e'
    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM Users WHERE id = '2558'
    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM Groups WHERE Type = 'Privileged' AND Domain = 'SystemInternal'
    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM Principals WHERE PrincipalType = 'User' AND ObjectId = '2558'
    3 Query  SELECT  * FROM GroupMembers WHERE GroupId = '4' AND MemberId = '2558'
    3 Query  SELECT  RELEASE_LOCK('Apache-Session-99f30b2b6f94784e6aa196d1d93f050e')

(where '2558' is his numeric user ID in RT).

Does this tell you anything?

2.  If I select a ticket by clicking on its number, and it happens to be a 
merged ticket (two other tickets were merged into it), I get a ticket 
display OK, but rt.log shows about a couple of dozen consecutive messages 
like this (line wrapped by me for readability):

  [Tue Apr 10 19:45:43 2007] [debug]: We found a merged ticket.558/561

all having a timestamp within the same second!

On my other RT systems (3.4.2 and 3.4.5) I don't see this behavior.  Does 
this reflect a problem?

3.  In my Opera browser (FreeBSD 5.4), periodically the RT web display
just hangs, even if I'm not doing a search.  And usually I can't cause
the hang to stop;  I have to kill the browser window.  This doesn't seem
to occur with Firefox.

Perhaps a couple of suggestions is all I need to pursue these issues 
further in a more systematic way.  Ideas welcome.



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