[rt-users] Modifying DBIx::SearchBuilder

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Apr 18 16:27:12 EDT 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 4:15 PM, Mike Friedman wrote:

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> It looks like I may have to modify DBIx::SearchBuilder, in  
> particular 'Handle.pm'.  This is in order to access my RT mysql  
> database via SSL.
> It seems that the only way to get perl DBD::mysql to use SSL may be  
> to provide a hashref in the connect call, something like this:
>    DBI->connect($dsn, $user, $pass,
>       {
>         mysql_read_default_file => "fully/qualified/path/to/my.cnf"
>       }
>       );

the DBD::mysql manpage lists this syntax also
$dsn = "DBI:mysql:test;mysql_read_default_file=/home/joe/my.cnf";

If that works, you may be able to change RT::Handle::BuildDSN in  
local/lib to do the right thing.
We'd also appreciate some sort of patch if that works.

> Can I create a modified DBIx::Searchbuilder in my RT 'local/lib',  
> just as if I were modifying an RT 'lib' module, even though  
> DBIx::Searchbuilder is installed in 'site_perl' and not in the RT  
> tree?

RT runs with local/lib first in @INC, so that should work if needed.
Of course, it might be better to get a patch submitted and an  
official release to support what you need.


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