[rt-users] RTGUI, a Graphical User Interface for Best Practical's Request Tracker

Torbjørn Moen crzy at start.no
Thu Apr 19 15:44:09 EDT 2007

Hi everyone.

We are a group of 4 bachelor students doing our final project in 
informatics/computer science. Our project is to make a java-based GUI 
for Request Tracker. The project will be handed in at the end of May, 
but development may continue after this date.

Our primary goal is to make an OS-independant application for ticket 
handling (creating and updating tickets) that will be used by the 
students employed by our school to help other students.

We would be very happy if some of you, the potential future users of 
RTGUI to give your opinions on how the application works, any unknown 
bugs, how things are placed and what you would have done different.

The application is available from our webside at 
http://hovedprosjekter.hig.no/v2007/imt/in/rtgui/files.html .

A little copy&paste from the README.

RTGUI, a Graphical User Interface for Best Practical's Request Tracker

RTGUI [artee-gooey] is a new alternative graphical user interface for
Best Practical's Request Tracker. RTGUI will work as a alternate user
interface for the consultants working with resolving tickets. RTGUI will 
have features regarding ticket handling. Configuration of users and RT 
is not
planned implemented as of now.

This is just a milestone/preview release and is not a fully functioning

Missing features / Known bugs:
- The use of RTs ACL.   (A user may see tickets he's not supposed to, but
                       changes will be discarded by RT)

- Queue Selection.      (The program displays all queues, but selecting/
                       deselecting doesn't do anything)

- User preferences.        (Set users mail address and signature)

- Merge ticket.            (The button exsist, but do nothing)

- UTF-8 support.

- Internationalization    (The source is set up for 
internationalization, but
                       this has not yet been implementet fully yet)


o    Request Tracker 3.6.2 or later

      Request Tracker 3.4 and Request Tracker 3.6 prior to 3.6.2 may be
      patched to support RT-commandbymail extionsion. Request Tracker 3.6.2
      and later does not need patching

o    Request Tracker running a MySQL database
o    Commandbymail extension for RT by Jesse Vincent of Best Practical
o    All queues in RT must have the correct Reply and Comment Address

We have a mailing list at rtgui-user at list.hig.no  for user inputs, more 
info about that on http://list.hig.no

Best Regards
Torbjørn Moen on behalf on the RTGUI developers
Bugtracker: http://mantis.hig.no

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