[rt-users] RTGUI, a Graphical User Interface for Best Practical's Request Tracker

Torbjørn Moen crzy at start.no
Fri Apr 20 06:45:17 EDT 2007

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Apr 19, 2007, at 3:44 PM, Torbjørn Moen wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> We are a group of 4 bachelor students doing our final project in 
>> informatics/computer science. Our project is to make a java-based GUI 
>> for Request Tracker. The project will be handed in at the end of May, 
>> but development may continue after this date.
> Torbjørn,
> I'm really excited to see your prject get started. How usable is the 
> Alpha right now? What features should we play with? Which features 
> should we avoid for now?
> Best,
> Jesse
Hi Jesse,
sorry for the late reply, but we had a "release party" last night. :)

A quick list of what does work:
- authentication against RT
- Displaying tickets
- Updateing tickets
- Creating new tickets
- Mabye more that I don't remember....

As far as we know (hehe) all features that is enabled should be working. 
So there is no features you should stay away from. But as stated 
earlier, there is no check against the ACL yet, so all users will be 
able to see and read all tickets of all queues in the database. All 
users will also be able to reply to all tickets (with no check against 
ACL), but the RT-system will discard all these.

A quick and simple description of how things are done. All data that we 
get from RT is collected directly from the MySQL database. All data that 
we put back in (create/update tickets) are done through the 
CommandByMail extension.

Hope this answered most of your questions.

Best Regards
Torbjørn Moen on behalf on the RTGUI developers
Bugtracker: http://mantis.hig.no

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