[rt-users] rt/perl newbie questions

Alexandr Ciornii alexchorny at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 15:03:33 EDT 2007


2007/4/22, jimmy yu <james.yu at gtran.com>:
> sorry to bother you guys with this.  i'm trying to install rt on a brand new
> install of ubuntu 6.06.

> t/all.............Weak references are not implemented in the version of perl
> at /root/.cpan/build/Test-
> Deep-0.096-k9AntQ/blib/lib/Test/Deep/Cache/Simple.pm line 7
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
> /root/.cpan/build/Test-Deep-0.096-k9AntQ/blib/lib/Test/Deep/Cache/Simple.pm
> line 7.

Install fresh Scalar::Util and try again. If reinstalling will help -
than it is Ubuntu problem (bad Scalar::Util).

Alexandr Ciornii, http://chorny.net

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