[rt-users] Scrips and Custom fields values

Scott Golby sgolby at freshdirect.com
Mon Apr 23 14:22:43 EDT 2007

Hi Silvana,

I've had odd results too with Custom Fields on ticket creation & with
custom Scrips.   Two things I've found which have helped.
  1) Turning on Batch mode in RT_SiteConfig.pm alleviates some of the
problems of not knowing which scrip will trigger first.
      # Enable Batching of Transactions *** Custom ***
      Set($UseTransactionBatch, 1);

  2) Applying changes to Custom Fields in custom Templates for that
queue.   I found that I always knew for example that a Correspondence
template would be used when someone replied to a ticket.  Plus a
Template with a Queue overrides the global Template, so I've been able
to incorporate some code into those autogenerated & reply templates to
look for certain things.  This has worked pretty good with the
StockAnswers add-on, a specific selection of common reply text will
through the Template set a Custom Field when the Email goes out.

Looking at your question I suspect the Batch mode might help in the
diagnosis of the order in which things run, under Stage: there should be
a new option once you restart called TransactionBatch.

Hope that works itself out.

- Scott

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