[rt-users] Scrips and Custom fields values

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Apr 23 17:51:20 EDT 2007

This behavior doesn't seem to apply to all fields.  I've gotten it to 
revert when my scrip modifies Owner and a custom field, but if I modify 
Priority it doesn't get undone.  I've sent it to rt-bugs.

At 12:48 PM 4/23/2007, Gene  LeDuc wrote:
>I think I know what is happening.  At least this is what's happening to me.
>When you click the submit button after changing a field in a ticket using 
>the webui, it seems to run a transaction that compares the displayed field 
>values after all of the other transactions have run - and then it reset 
>them to what it thinks they should be.  And since it doesn't seem to know 
>that a scrip modified a field, it sets it back to what it was when the 
>Submit was clicked.
>That description is kind of convoluted, so I'll give an example that I 
>hope is clearer.
>1.  I have a ticket whose Owner is Nobody and Status is Open.
>2.  I also have an OnResolve scrip that changes the Owner to the logged-in 
>user if it is Nobody.
>3.  Using the webui I change the Status to Resolved (but leave the Owner 
>set to Nobody).
>4.  My OnResolve srcip fires and changes the Owner to the logged-in 
>user.  But then it seems that the webui compares all of the values of the 
>ticket's fields against what it knows about (it apparently doesn't know 
>about the owner change) and sees that the ticket Owner is not Nobody.  But 
>since it was Nobody when I hit the Submit button, it changes it back to 
>that value.  And that's the final word, because no transaction run after 
>it does this (I tried testing for owner change to nobody, but it never 
>fired), so I can't undo the unwanted change.
>If I resolve my tickets via e-mail, everything is fine.  But using the 
>webui runs that extra last transaction and my scrip action gets undone.  I 
>finally realized what was happening when I noticed that there were 2 
>bullets listed under "Results" on my ticket when it redisplayed the 
>ticket.  The first showed the status change that I made and the second 
>showed the owner being set back to Nobody.
>If you have a custom field displayed and you are changing it with a scrip 
>that is triggered by an action caused by a webui change, the webui is 
>probably changing it back to what it thinks it's supposed to be.
>You might be able to use TransactionBatch to work around this interesting 
>but irritating feature.
>At 08:19 AM 4/23/2007, Silvana.Giberti at esa.int wrote:
>>I'm still having problems with scrips modifying some custom field values.
>>I have 2 custom fields created at ticket creation time, and 2 others to 
>>be updated whenever one of the other two change value. This is done by 
>>several scrips, 2 running at ticket creation and the others running when 
>>one of the 2 initial custom field is updated.
>>Sometimes it happens that one of the other 2 custom fields is updated 
>>twice by the third scrip, a first time with the right value, and a second 
>>time instead with the value the custom field had before, with the final 
>>effect that the value never changes.
>>I've been trying many different changes, and also to recreate the cf and 
>>the scrips into a different installation of RT, with the only effect that 
>>the behaviour is the opposite: if with the first installation the third 
>>custom field is always right and the fourth one never changes, with the 
>>second installation the situation is the opposite, that is, the third 
>>never changes and the fourth is ok.
>>Comparing the 2 cases in RT log file, it looks like there's an extra 
>>transaction firing after the update of the wrong custom field, but I 
>>can't tell what it does.
>>All custom fields are defined global for tickets in all queues.
>>Does anyone have an idea of what to do to fix this problem?
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Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University 
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