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Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 23 19:09:57 EDT 2007


	We accomplished this by modifying the Resolve template to include the 
comments made during the "Resolve" transaction. Attached is a document 
with our version of the "Resolve" template. If you create your own 
version, be sure to modify the scrip to point to your new template.


Shannon Adams wrote:
> Using RT 3.6.1.  I am trying to reduce the number of emails an admin CC receives when an RT ticket is commented on and marked as resolved.  Currently,  I have two Scrips setup that are related to this:  "On Resolve Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Resolve with Ticket Content" and "On Correspond Notify Requesters, Ccs and AdminCcs with template Correspondence".
> Here is how we mark tickets as resolved:
>   1.  Open specific ticket and choose "Resolve" link (top right).
>   2.  Change the "Update Type" to "Reply to requesters".  
>   3.  Key text in "Message:" section. and click on the "Update Ticket" button.
> This generates two emails to the admin cc's of the queue.  One, for the resolution.  The second one contains the correspondence.  I want to somehow combine these two emails into one when these steps are followed.  
> At times, users will just click "resolve" and then "Update Ticket" without keying in correspondence.  That generates just one email; which is fine.  
> I hope this makes sense.  I would appreciate any suggestions on this.
> Thanks,
> Shannon  
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