[rt-users] changes don't show

Erik Peterson epeterson at edc.org
Mon Apr 23 20:20:52 EDT 2007

Hi Brandi,

You might also look at the "Development" settings if you're going to be making a lot of changes or if you're on a development system.

In your RT_SiteConfig.pm, you can set:

Set($DevelMode, '1');

Which will give you the ability to make changes without needing to restart the server each time.  You will need to restart the web service once to invoke this change.  It will "slow down" you server if it's a production machine, so I wouldn't use this setting on a heavily trafficked production site.

Then once you're "finished" with big changes, you can remove that line (or just change the value to '0' instead of '1').


(I can't get the new rt.bestpractical.com wiki to load right now...)

Hope that helps,

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Is there a way to get the changes to show without rebooting the server? I'm working remotely at the moment.
Thanks for the help!

On 4/23/07, Mathew <theillien at yahoo.com> wrote: 
Restart the web server.
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Brandi L wrote:
> Hi all!
> Forgive my ignorance here, I've just download RT (version 3.6.3) and am
> not all that familiar with it. Can someone tell me how I can make 
> changes show up once I've made them in the code? Not sure what to do
> here. Thanks for the assistance!
> -Brandi
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