[rt-users] Attachment issue on RT 3.6.3

Mario Rimann mario at rimann.org
Tue Apr 24 03:59:14 EDT 2007


We've freshly set up RT on a Gentoo box and most of it runs very well by
now. Most tickets will be opened through incoming emails.

This is my current issue: Only text attachments are saved to the database.
All other (tested with JPG) file types that are sent in via mail (inline
or as attachment) or attached on the web GUI don't work.

The result is, that the filename is shown in the ticket, but it is not
linked. The DB row contains the filename, content Type but no content.

The max size for attachments in the RT_SiteConfig is set to >10MB, and
also MySQL's "max_packet_size" is set to a big value. The images I tried
to attach were <300K, so that shouldn't be a problem I think.

Any help on this issue is very appreciated!


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