[rt-users] Problem with iterating groups

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 26 15:38:49 EDT 2007

At Thursday 4/26/2007 03:31 PM, Jason Fenner wrote:
>I am trying to iterate over the names of groups with this code piece:
>use RT::Groups;
>         my $groups = new RT::Groups($user);
>         $groups->LimitToUserDefinedGroups();
>         print $groups->Count . "\n";
>         while (my $group = $groups->Next) {
>            #print $group->Id ." is a group id\n";
>            print $group->Name;
>         }
>For some reason the while loop keeps resulting in false and is never 
>run.  However, I know that I do have groups because that Count 
>method is returning the number 7.  Does anyone know why I can't iterate?


I just ran this code and it worked for me - I wonder if $user has the 
privileges to see the groups?


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