[rt-users] Problem with OnQueueChange scrip

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Wed Aug 1 05:59:51 EDT 2007

This tells you the problem is with your template, I usually have the 
following 2 lines at the very top of the template:
Subject: New Correspondence: {$Ticket->Subject}
RT-Attach-Message: Yes

Then leave 2 empty lines (you should do that) before adding any template 
If you are questioning NotifyActor, its a preferences if you want people 
to receive notifications on what they just did then turn it off else 
keep it off.
I typically test with a test user, so emails are fired to me(my rt user 

Best of luck;

Mathew Snyder wrote:
> Stephen Turner wrote:
>> At Tuesday 7/31/2007 01:15 PM, Mathew Snyder wrote:
>>> I made the changes and used the Blank template.  I still haven't received
>>> anything via mail.
>> The Blank template doesn't send mail - in fact that's why it's there, so
>> you can have a scrip that doesn't send mail. Try the Transaction template.
>> Steve
> I got it to work using the Admin Correspondence template when the NotifyActor
> variable is set to '1'.  However, as soon as I turn that off, no emails are sent
> out.
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