[rt-users] Attachments table of RT's Mysql database

Gregory Harper gregh at stevensind.com
Wed Aug 1 15:41:20 EDT 2007

Hello everybody.

   We've been using RT for more than three months as part of our 
customer concern processes.  Overall, things have been going well.
The configuration includes Mysql, Apache2 and Postfix running on Ubuntu 
6.06.  I've made no modifications to the databases.
The primary concern at this point is that the Attachments table of the 
Mysql database is growing significantly.  Our CSR's want to attach
PDFs, jpegs, etc. to the tickets with the jpegs usually created by our 
customers.  The digital photos are the main culprit. I've read about
scaling back the photos, creating thumbnails, etc. and we need to find a 
way to limit the attachment size prior to attachment.

  Has anyone else using RT had this type of problem?

  What are the best approaches for minimizing and controlling the size 
of the Attachments table?

Any information, feedback and guidance are appreciated.

thanks - Gregory Harper , Stevens Industries


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