[rt-users] needs clarification on Cc and Bcc

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Aug 2 12:32:31 EDT 2007


	What kind of transaction triggered the notifications? As to keeping 
user's from hitting ReplyAll, we had to train/educate them as well as 
modify our templates to include the declaration "DO NOT REPLYALL on this 
E_mail!". It worked. We do not have any users getting duplicate e_mails 
or creating extra tickets from their reply. Your problem may also be 
with the kind of global/Queue notification scrips you have in place.


slamp slamp wrote:
> ticket is owned by nobody.
> ticket has multiple Cc's.
> two e-mail goes out.
> one e-mail only has one recipient (the e-mail address of RT itself).
> 2nd e-mail has the RT e-mail address and ALL Cc's.
> How can I prevent the 2nd e-mail from going out? How can I have RT
> only show the RT e-mail address in the e-mail but also send the
> correspondence to all that is in the Cc's.
> We want to prevent a user from hitting Reply All and thus getting
> duplicate e-mails.
> Thanks for you help.
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