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Deepika Bhatia Deepika.Bhatia at prosum.com
Thu Aug 2 12:43:44 EDT 2007


I was wondering if there are any special considerations that I need to worry about when moving the backend database from MySQL to Oracle.

There are two things I am definitely curious about.

1.       The data stored in MySQL as longtext or blobs to clobs in Oracle. I have heard that the migration from blob to clob is never smooth. Any advice regarding how to handle this would be certainly appreciated. Any other issues while doing the conversion?

2.       The passwords in RT are stored in the database in the encrypted format. Is the decryption done at the application level or at the database level. I am assuming if it is done at the application level, it shouldn't matter if the data is simply converted from mySQL to Oracle. Is there anything special that needs to be done regarding converting the passwords.


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