[rt-users] relogin necessary after changing/creating queue

Benjamin Weser weser at osp-dd.de
Thu Aug 2 07:35:11 EDT 2007

Dear Jesse,

thanks for the answer but isn't there a possibility to avoid this
relogin? I wonder if nobody else has these problems...? It happens not
just with changes in the queue (creation, change, even
enabling/disabling the queue) but also when rights were changed etc.
It's mentioned here too:

It's ok if you know that problem but we will use RT for bug reporting
and project management and since we act globally and many people will be
involved it wouldn't be so nice to tell everybody to relogin after
adding a new queue or something similar.

Or if a relogin is unavoidable is there a way to force people to relogin
after a change? I already tried to delete the Mason-cache like described
in the README in case you want to update RT and I also deleted
everything in /opt/rt3/var/session_data and restarted the apache but I
had no success so far. I also checked every parameter in RT_Config.pm
but haven't found many which could fit my needs in that case. Some I
tried to overwrite but this didn't help either.

I had a look at the code in /Elements/SelectQueue but since I haven't
done anything in perl (yet) I didn't get very much out of it. Tried to
uncomment here and there and changed the values of the variables but
nothing provided the solution I am looking for.  :(


Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Aug 1, 2007, at 12:39 PM, Benjamin Weser wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Whenever I create a queue or only change its name, this change will be
>> visible after a relogin.
>> I thought it could be a problem of cache so I looked for cache in the
>> RT_Config.pm and found this entry which should be ok like it is:
>> Set($WebFlushDbCacheEveryRequest, '1');
>> I also added
>> Set($WebSessionClass , 'Apache::Session::File');
>> to my RT_SiteConfig.pm because it's possible that we will use
>> non-ASCII-letters too but this didn't work either.
>> There was no other entry which I would reference to this problem. Does
>> anybody has a suggestion how this problem could be solved that changes
>> to queues will be seen instantly?
>> RT3.6.4 is running on an openSuSE10.2, Apache2.2.3, mysql5.0.26 and
>> mod_perl2.0.2 since RT with fastcgi never worked here.
> Actually, that's /Elements/SelectQueue doing a bit of caching.
> Otherwise, you'd be generating rather a few SQL queries on every page
> load that are completely unnecessary 99.99% of the time.
> Best,
> Jesse
>> Cheers,
>> Ben
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