[rt-users] Ticket creation fails sporadically (RT 3.4.5)

Benjamin Schieder blindcoder at scavenger.homeip.net
Fri Aug 3 07:11:43 EDT 2007

Hasn't anyone got a solution to this? I'm not the first to report this,
after all...

On 24.07.2007 11:13:39, Benjamin Schieder wrote:
> Hi List.
> I'm using RT 3.4.5 for a while now. Recently, load on the ticket
> system has increased from a ticket a week to several tickets a
> day.
> Now some users are experiencing problems with ticket creation.
> When they create a new ticket using the webinterface, the ticket
> is not always created. Mails are sent to users, but no ticket
> appears in the database.
> This has happened to several users in several different queues.
> After a few (sometimes up to ten) retries, the ticket is finally
> created and the mis-tries are also counted in the ticket numbers.
> Example: Next ticket would be #300. Ticket creation fails 5 times,
> then succeeds. Ticket number then is #305.
> I am, however, not able to reproduce this error on my workstation.
> The logfile indicates that "the mysql server has gone away".
> Whatever that means. The MySQL server is located on the same machine
> and spoken to via socket.
> I've confirmed that CPU load was at near-100% idle and free RAM was
> around 300 MB (according to `top').
> A screenshot of the error is at:
> 	https://pallas.crash-override.net/~blindcoder/RT-Fehler.jpg
> The complete `debug'-level Logfile of an error (~170 kiB) is at:
> 	https://pallas.crash-override.net/~blindcoder/log.txt
> If any of you have an idea as to the root of the cause, I'd be
> happy to hear about it :-)
> If there's an information needed that I missed, please also let me
> know.
> Greetings,
> 	Benjamin
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