[rt-users] Custom Field and Scrip Question

Xavier Ezquerra xavier.ezquerra at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 13:35:30 EDT 2007

Hello everybody,

Scrip question:

I'm trying to create a "CustomAction" to have communication between
owner and admincc through the commentaries of tickets. It interests to me
to do that any commentary that does one of both receives the other.

# Create new scrip
Configuration -> Global -> Scrips -> New Script

Description: On Comment Notify AdminCCs or Owner with template Admin Comment

Condition: On Comment
Action: User Defined
Template: Admin Comment (custom template )
Stage: TransactionCreate

User Defined conditions and actions
Custom condition:

# load id_actor
my $id_actor = $TransactionObj->CreatorObj->Id;

# is owner, send comment to AdminCC
if( $id_actor == $self->TicketObj->OwnerObj->Id ) {
    return 1;

# is AdminCC, send comment to Owner
} elsif ($TicketObj->IsWatcher( Type => 'AdminCC' ) ) {
    return 1;

# is ????, nothing to do
} else {
    return undef;

Custom action preparation code:
# empty??

Custom action cleanup code:
# empty??

Custom Field and Scrip Question:
How to detect the new value of custom field, if this changed.

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