[rt-users] Another rights question

Benjamin Weser weser at osp-dd.de
Wed Aug 8 10:32:47 EDT 2007

Hi everybody,

just saw the request of Torsten and Ruslan's answer to it.

I have a similar situation (bug??) here: A user with the rights
can create a ticket but also set Status and the Owner while creating the

In the mail list I've found a solution to automatically assign a ticket
to somebody while creating it. If this would overwrite the described
behavior it would be ok for me. But shouldn't have the user no rights at
all to set the values Owner and Status? If a really stupid user decides
to choose "Resolved", nobody will bother about the ticket.

Will this be fixed in the next version too? Regarding to Ruslans answer
those fields won't be visible at all in the next version. Is that right?
Maybe I will sit here and wait for so long then ;)


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