[rt-users] Trying to change the logo. Fedora Core 7, RT3.6.3 yum install

James Moseley jmoseley at corp.xanadoo.com
Wed Aug 8 10:48:43 EDT 2007

Luke, just realized my response below was not sent to the list yesterday.
Reading your recent post, I just noticed something from your original post

> It has been installed into
> /usr/share/rt3
> I've created /usr/local/rt3/html/Elements/
> and copied the Logo file into that directory.

I am not familiar with the FC7 yum package of RT, but if the RT is
installed in /usr/share/rt3, why did you create your 'local' directory in

You should have copied the Logo file to: /usr/share/rt3/local/html/Elements
(if you install from source, you have to create the Elements directory).

Unless there is something odd about the FC7 package, you currently have put
your Logo file in a directory (/usr/local/x.x.x) that will never be read by
RT.  Perhaps you simply made a typo in your post?

James Moseley

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I know this is covered somewhere in the documentation, cause I had to
figure this out at one point myself.  The method you are using below is for
versions prior to 3.6.x.  For 3.6.x versions, to change the logo you need
put customized changes in the local directory.  So, in your case, you'd
need to create /usr/local/rt3/local/html/Elements/ - then copy in the Logo
file, edit, delete the whole mason cache (looks like you are only deleting
parts of it?), and restart apache.

If that doesn't work, try getting rid of the Logo syntax in
RT_SiteConfig.pm and manually putting that stuff in the Logo file.  For

    <a href="http://<RT URL>"><img src="<%$RT::WebImagesURL%>/<picutre
file>" alt="<%loc("<picture title>")%>"width="92" height="50"></a>

In order for the following to work, you'd need to define RT::WebImagesURL
in your RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($WebPath , "/rt");
Set($WebBaseURL , "https://<base RT URL>");
Set($WebImagesURL , $WebPath . "/NoAuth/images/");

James Moseley

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I'm sure I'm just missing something simple, but I cannot seem to change the
BP logo on my install of RT 3.6.3 on Fedora Core 7.
I've installed RT using yum (lazy I know, but it works apart from this

It has been installed into
I've created /usr/local/rt3/html/Elements/
and copied the Logo file into that directory.

I've added the logo I want to use into /usr/share/rt3/html/NoAuth/images
It is a 92x50pixels jpeg.

Following suggestions from the wiki and the mailing list archives, I put
this line into the Logo file :
<a href="<%$RT::LogoLinkURL%>"><img src="<%$RT::LogoURL%>" alt="Intranet"
width="<%$RT::LogoWidth%>" height="<%$RT::LogoHeight%>" /></a>

I have modified by RT_SiteConfig.pm file.
If I log into the web interface, under tools, choose system configuration,
the following variables are set :
RT::LogoURL /rt3/NoAuth/images/mtllogo.jpg
RT::LogoWidth 92
RT::LogoHeight 50
RT::MasonDataDir /var/cache/rt3/mason_data

I've tried stopping the webserver, deleting Logo.obj from
When I restart apache, and refresh the RT page, Logo.obj is recreated with
the best practical logo in it.

Where am I going wrong ? Can anyone point me in the right direction please

Thanks in advance


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